Choosing a Table Lamp

Table lamp add accent lighting and a pop of personality to your home. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your décor.

Try a minimalist white lamp with a clean base for a modern bedroom. Or, opt for a rustic design with a reclaimed wood finish.


Often used as accent lighting in your bedroom or reading nook, table lamps provide a soft, warming glow that helps you to create a cozy atmosphere. Choosing the right color and brightness of your lamp is crucial for creating the ideal ambiance in any space.

Look for table lamps that offer smart features like gradual dimming or wake-up modes that simulate a natural sunrise to help you get a restful night’s sleep. Other energy-efficient options include LED bulbs that use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, helping to reduce your home’s electric bill. You can also try adding an eye-catching decorative shade to your table lamp to breathe new life into your decor! Whether you prefer a coolie, drum or cylinder shade, there are endless creative possibilities.


Table lamps add style and functionality to any living room setup. They can illuminate books, magazines or other decorative objects to add interest and ambiance to the space.

Their lamp shade may direct light upwards or downwards depending on the design. Some models have a wide base and lampshade that spreads light in all directions to help create an overall lighting effect in a space.

Wrought iron table lamps work well for entryways, or on a dining room or end table next to your favorite chair. They are durable and unbreakable, unlike crystal or glass table lamps. For a modern look, try a contemporary style with a clean lined design or perhaps a jazzy texture on the lamp shade to stand out from the crowd.


A table lamp is a versatile light fixture that can be easily relocated to suit your space. Its lightweight design makes it easy to bring from room to room or even take outdoors. With a rechargeable battery and up to ten hours of usage, these portable lamps offer convenience and versatility for on-the-go stylish illumination.

Whether you prefer a minimalist style or something more rustic, there are a variety of table lamp bases to match your home décor. Choose from wood, ceramic, or glass bases in a color that complements the shade you’d like to use.

The Como portable lamp* from danish brand Menu Space combines function with aesthetics for a modern table light that’s both practical and elegant. Featuring an inside reflector that directs light downwards and a perforated lampshade that diffuses the light, this table lamp is perfect for a sideboard or bedroom.


Table lamps add to the decor in a room and mostly serve as a light source. They come in many shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different users. The color and style of a lamp are important factors when selecting one.

Some of the more versatile options are those that offer adjustable lighting levels. They let you choose from low, medium, or high brightness. This allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

A variety of materials are used to make the lights durable and long-lasting. There are styles crafted of sturdy wood bases and mouth-blown glass, with metal hardware for a modern feel. Other lamps have patterns including Greek key, chevron and damask, as well as garden motifs. Novelty themes like owls, trout and moose are also available to add to the personality of the space.


Table lamps are a great way to illuminate your home while adding a decorative touch. They come in a wide range of styles from modern to traditional, and many even feature USB ports for charging your phone.

Accent lighting focuses on highlighting specific features of the room, such as artwork or furniture. It comes in a wide variety of styles to suit any decor theme, from modern to rustic, and even some that are more sculptural.

Table lamps can also complement other types of lighting, such as sconces and pendants. Their minimalist silhouettes add style to your space, and they are easy to blend with other decorative elements in the room. For instance, a lamp with a wood base can complement your wood-topped side table while introducing a soft texture.

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