Tactical Gear – What You Need to Know

When it comes to military gear, there is no shortage of tactical items. From uniforms to Kevlar, Combat Gear  is designed to handle war and all its physical consequences.

For example, a pair of boots clad with steel toes can protect soldiers from the risk of having their feet crushed under heavy objects. Other examples include ballistic helmets that are made to keep soldiers safe.

Gun Belts

A gun belt is a specialized type of durable nylon belt that is designed to carry a pistol or other weapon in a holster as well as other gear and accessories such as med kits or tools. These belts are thicker and wider than regular belts and may be too wide to fit through belt loops on most everyday pants.

The thickness of a gun belt increases its stiffness and strength, which is important for carrying a firearm. It also allows it to accommodate a heavy holster without sagging. When a gun belt sags, it can cause your firearm to shift out of position, which could be a problem in combat.

When choosing a gun belt, look for one that is comfortable, fits correctly and has the rigidity to support your firearm and other equipment. Check to see if the belt has cutouts or access channels for holster attachment and to ensure it will adjust close to your specific waist size.

Kevlar Vests

Kevlar is a woven material that is used to make bulletproof vests. It has a very high tensile strength, and it’s also fire-resistant. It is used in the construction of many different items, including hoses, belts and reinforcement materials. It is also used to make helmets, shoes and safety equipment, including firefighting suits.

When a bullet hits a Kevlar vest, it gets caught up in the web of fibers and is deflected. It is said that it takes 21 layers of 200 GSM Kevlar to stop a 9 mm bullet or shotgun slug.

Choosing the right bulletproof vest for you depends on your specific threat level and budget. It is important to inspect your body armor on a regular basis, as it can lose its integrity if it isn’t properly stored. You should also consider the weight of the vest and how it will affect your fatigue levels. It should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

Plate Carrier Vests

Plate carrier vests are designed to protect from bullets and blasts while carrying essential gear like first aid kits, ammunition, hydration and more. They’re often layered with ceramic or Kevlar plates that stop rifle rounds and soft armor or nylon that stops shrapnel.

Look for quality nylon that won’t tear and a MOLLE system with modular attachments. Adjustable cummerbunds and shoulders ensure a snug, comfortable fit. The best plate carriers are slim and adaptable, with room for a hydration bladder and extra pockets for equipment like comms, flashlights and tactical Twinkie pouches.

Ideally, when you’re wearing your full loadout, you should be able to get into shooting position, reach your rifle sling and move the same way you do without it. Be sure to test your vest and train with it, so you can know how comfortable, stable and functional it is. Also, make sure your plates and gear glide easily in and out of the plate carrier. If you have to force them in or jerry-rig them, it’s not a good fit.

Combat Boots

When soldiers need to get around on the ground or scale a rock face, their boots need to be sturdy and comfortable. Combat boots are designed with that in mind, usually with features like a curved side zipper (like the ones on Tactical Research’s Khyber TR960ZWP Lightweight Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical Boot), laces that are easy to tighten and yank out, and a sole that can grip rough terrain.

Military-inspired Combat Gear boots are great for anyone who needs durable footwear, but they’re especially useful for active military personnel and law enforcement. With advances in synthetic performance textiles, some boots are also breathable and more versatile than leather.

For instance, the Belleville C333 Sabre Hot Weather Hybrid Assault Boot is made with black cattlehide leather and nylon, has a low-profile curved side zipper to make it easier to get them on and off, and has an exclusive Vibram Ibex outsole that’s perfect for scrambling. It has a wrap-around sole with treads that go all the way to the heel and toe for maximum traction and climbing abilities.

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