Party Room Mongkok

With space at a premium in Hong Kong, hosting house parties can be challenging. Fortunately, party room Mongkok https://losthk.com/party-room-mongkok/ offers a one-stop solution. These private spaces are equipped with Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, video games, and more. They’re ideal for wild birthday jamborees or relaxing get-togethers.

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Round-the-clock party rooms

If you are looking for a party venue in Hong Kong, there are many options available. These venues are typically themed and equipped with all-round facilities. They are ideal for a variety of theme parties, such as birthday parties, couple anniversary, friends gathering, school reunions and corporate team building. They can also be used as a shooting venue for microfilms or short movies.

The standard renting cost of a Party Room varies depending on the size, theme and facilities. Some even offer overnight renting services. The price is usually higher on weekends and public holidays.

Some Party Rooms offer catering services and customers can bring food and drink to the venue. However, the food and drinks are not included in the rental fee. Some also charge for decorating and arrangement to produce a specific Party atmosphere. If you need to order food, it is better to book the venue in advance. This will save you time.

Karaoke rooms

The most fun way to party in Hong Kong is by belting out some Canto-pop or English chart toppers at a karaoke room. Whether you are looking for a general room for 8-25+ people or one with specific theme and facilities, there is plenty of choice in Mong Kok and around town.

A local icon, Red MR offers private rooms that can fit up to 20 guests. You can enjoy a range of Canto-pop and English songs including Bohemian Rhapsody with your friends. The prices vary but you can expect to spend about HK$150 per person including snacks and drinks. The venue also has a variety of other games, video games and a beer pong table for adults. On 25th April, the venue conducted a joint enforcement operation with Police and seized a total of nine sets of karaoke players loaded with suspected pirated music videos. The persons-in-charge of the party rooms were also issued summonses for violating anti-epidemic regulations.

Themed party rooms

Whether you’re looking for an escape from the sleaze of Lan Kwai Fong or just want to add some funky ambiance to your party, a themed party room can help. These one-stop venues offer a private space with Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, and video games. Some even provide food and drinks.

In addition to offering a range of amenities, many theme party rooms also offer team building activities. This is a great way to boost morale and build trust among team members, especially in a multicultural workplace. Moreover, these activities can help promote cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

Located in vibrant neighborhoods, these party room Mongkok are easy to access by public transportation and are surrounded by a variety of dining and entertainment options. Some offer food and drink service, while others can also arrange catering for an extra fee. Guests can enjoy the party and then explore the streets of Mong Kok afterward. Some venues even have a darts machine, America pool, and Mahjong.

Lost HK

Lost HK is one of the best escape rooms in Hong Kong. Its private games ensure that strangers will not be added to your group, and you can choose a game that suits your group’s size. It also provides hints and clues in English, so you can have fun with your friends without worrying about language barriers. It also has branches in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, which are easily accessible by MTR.

With space at a premium in Hong Kong, party room rentals provide a one-stop solution for socializing and entertaining. These private spaces are equipped with Instagrammable photo spots and karaoke facilities, making them perfect for wild birthday jamborees and relaxing get-togethers. In addition, many of these party rooms are conveniently located in the center of town with easy access to transportation and a wide variety of dining and entertainment options. You can easily find party rooms in Hong Kong on HelloToby, with photos, reviews, and exclusive deals.

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