Party Room Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Party room Causeway Bay https://losthk.com/party-room-game-causeway-bay/ is a place that’s packed with different activities and attractions. It’s also a great place for large-scale events. The venues in this area are convenient and high-quality. They can hold up to 1,000 people and provide high-quality audio and visual equipment.

Store Party Room is a unique venue with automatic mahjong, pool table, Switch, beer pong, karaoke and other board games. It’s perfect for football fans!

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Whether it’s a quick catch-up with friends or a cheeky first date, FOMO cafe has you covered. Its interior design passes the vibe check with arched entries matched by creams and browns, and its all-day breakfast platter and matcha or pistachio latte are worth trying out.

Located behind SOGO, this for-hire space has cool themed rooms to choose from like the ’Camping’ room with giant tent, ‘Movie Movie’ room with two projectors or artistic ‘Wooden’ room. The for-hire facilities include karaoke, automatic mahjong, pool table, Switch and beer pong, and you can also order from the in-house restaurant for snacks such as cheese tofu or samosas.

Store Party Room

Store Party Room is a great venue for parties, bridal showers, team bonding events and family gatherings. It offers a variety of fun indoor activities to keep you entertained even on rainy days. The venue also provides food and drinks.

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the venue is decorated in old Hong Kong style and has laid-back vibes. Located at Lockhart Road right behind Sogo, the party room can accommodate up to 45 people and is available for all your private events.

The party rooms are equipped with automatic mahjong tables, pool table, Switch, darts, and karaoke. They also have a projector and TV for streaming movies and football matches. They provide snack dishes including cheese tofu, samosas and cuttlefish balls. They can also arrange for other Asian and Western dishes for guests. The party rooms are open seven days a week and can be booked online or by calling your local Pizza Cottage location.

The Roomss Causeway Bay

Located on Lockhart Road right behind Sogo in party room Causeway Bay (CWB), this cozy party room offers plenty of entertainment facilities. Guests can enjoy automatic mahjong tables, pool table, Switch, darts and karaoke at this unique for-hire venue. In addition, a projector is available for live football matches or movies.

The Roomss is a popular choice for after-work drinks and milestone birthday celebrations. Its variety of games and comfortable seating ensure that every party will be a success. The staff also offers customizable food and drink packages.

Blackroom is a top-rated private house party style venue in Hong Kong. Its cosy spaces are themed in different styles, including an artistic ‘Causeway Bay’ room and a tent-filled ‘Camping’ room. Guests can also enjoy beer pong, karaoke, and table soccer. If you want to save money, try booking your stay during the low season. This is generally between January and May. Prices can vary significantly between different days of the week.

The Roomss Tsim Sha Tsui

The Roomss is a design-conscious hotel that’s ideal for couples or solo travelers looking for a place to hang out and meet people. It’s not within walking distance of all the top attractions in Hong Kong, but it does offer free electric shuttle service to several destinations and is close to the Causeway Bay MTR station.

The rooms are comfortable, clean, and well-appointed. The rooms have a variety of amenities including a flat-screen TV and a mini refrigerator. Some rooms feature a balcony or patio. A range of dining and shopping options are within walking distance.

The hotel is in the heart of the city and is easy to reach by bus, subway, China-HK docks, and airport buses. The staff is friendly and helpful. They can help you find the best places to eat and shop in the area. They can also recommend a number of attractions for you to visit during your stay. They can even arrange a tour for you.

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